The largest trucking company increased its driver pay

June 16, 20210

Dry van carrier Paper Transport, Inc. announced the largest pay increase for truck drivers in the company history.

In June, trucking company Paper Transport, Inc. from De Pere, increased driver pay from 8% to 25% in the Midwest and Southeast of the United States.

“Professional drivers across the states have worked tirelessly over the last 18 months keeping America moving and will continue keeping the economy humming,” stated Ben Schill, Vice President. “This is a genuine recognition and a much-deserved raise for the hard-working professional drivers.”

Effective June 6, 88% of the company’s regional drivers will receive 60 cents per mile or above, including drivers who reside in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

“We believe this is where the market is headed and we wanted to be the first one to get there,” continued Schill. “Our 60 cent per mile peg is the true linehaul pay rate while driver incentives, and additional pay such as detention and stop-offs are on top of this pay.”

Paper Transport, Inc.’s philosophy reinforces the company’s core values and culture by inspiring employees to do great work, encouraging and retaining talent, and building trust within teams. “We have always been a top carrier in terms of brand; this new level of pay puts our pay in the premier category.  In January we increased wages for all local and hourly drivers and plan to make additional increases for these roles in the next few months,” – said Ben Schill.


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