Melton pays double wages for tarping loads

January 17, 20210

Melton Truck Lines based in Tulsa announced that will pay two-fold salary for driving tarping loads.

The increase is effective Feb. 2.

The decision to hike tarping pay from $50 to $100 a load came after Melton conducted a driver survey, which found an increase in tarp pay would be the most meaningful pay increase, according to the company.

“We are excited to announce this pay increase because our drivers deserve it,” said Vice President of Safety and Human Resources Lisa Mason. “Tarping is the strenuous part of our job, and we want our drivers to be rewarded for it. There is not another carrier out there that rewards their drivers with this amount of money for tarping, and it’s because of our driver’s efforts that allow this significant change to happen.”

Founded in 1954, Melton Truck Lines today employs over 1,350 drivers.


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