Where to get your CDL

January 17, 20210

Start CDL Training prepare drivers from all states to their CDL exam. Since 2015 Start CDL Training helped over 3000 people to get their CDL. Also they help CDL drivers to find the employment in stable companies with good pay.

In accordance with the program, your training will be divided into seven stages.

So what exactly will you learn at Start CDL Training?

  • Pre-trip inspection – preparation before departure, an inspection of truck and trailer, air brake system inspection, and air brake test.
  • Backing
  • Parallel parking to both sides(left to right and right to left)
  • Alley dock parking 
  • City driving
  • Pre-test (Passing an internal exam)
  • Examination at the DMV (final exam)

For more information, visit Start CDL Training page.


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