3 Types of Questions All Truckers Should Ask Their Recruiter

March 16, 20210

There are many important factors to consider while applying for a job as a truck driver. Ideally, the recruiter must provide the information about the company, job, salary etc. However, the trucker also should be able to ask the right questions to avoid unscrupulous employers.

We put together the most important questions that trucker should ask a recruiter before deciding on a trucking job.

General questions about the company

  • Is the company privately or publicly held?
  • How many drivers does the company currently have?
  • How many empty trucks does the company have right now? (If the company has a lot of empty trucks it might be a sign that more drivers quitting then they are able to hire.)
  • What kind of cargo does the company haul?
  • In which states does the company operate?
  • How do they calculate driver miles?
  • Is there forced dispatch?

Equipment questions

The newer equipment the company use, the easier it will be for a trucker to work. Since a truck is like a “home” away from home for a driver, it should be cozy and comfortable for long trips.

  • What types of truck does the company use? How old are they?
  • What amenities do the trucks come with?
  • Am I expected to take care of truck maintenance?

Questions about the salary

The most important questions for all drivers are about wage-rate and benefits.

  • How does the company pay? What is the max rate of pay for drivers?
  • What types of benefits do you offer? When do they kick in?
  • Are there any bonuses for safety, fuel, sign-on, performance, driver referral, etc.?
  • What are the details of your home time policy?

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