5 trucker tips on how to prevent accidents

July 9, 20210

Did you know that most accidents could be prevented?

Many situations can seem creepy to a green driver who has just got a CDL. Although, even experienced drivers sometimes hold their knees in fear. Therefore, we have prepared 5 practical tips to help you avoid unpleasant situations on the road.

1. Be careful

Watch your trucks when pulling out of the yard. Drivers often don’t expect anything dangerous at this stage, but in vain!

You need to oversee the entire truck, not just over the front of it.

Make your strategy before starting your trip, that will be a kind of checklist for you. If you are going to leave the yard, go through a prior check, preparation of documents, etc. Then you won`t forget anything.

2. Make a travel plan

Searching for a delivery destination site is a total challenge for the driver if he didn’t prepare for it in advance.

Even if you have planned the trip and know the client’s location on a map or GPS, it still can be inconvenient if you are traveling to a new, unknown area.

The best advice for a driver is to make travel planning as accurate as possible as a part of their daily routine.

3. Drive slowly

Speeding is a prime factor to many preventable accidents.

Whatever you do, do it slowly and methodically.

Whether you’re heading to a truck`s stop, entering or exiting a yard area – take it slow!

4. Use a road-map

One of the best tip for a trucker is to have a high-quality road-map. Remember that GPS sometimes makes mistakes and can lead to impassable places. Purchase a roadmap and compare the route with the one given to you by the navigator.

5. Call the customer to find out the right direction

Before delivering the goods, contact the recipient and specify the exact delivery address.

Compare what they are saying to your map and GPS. Now you will have three trusted sources that minimize the chance of getting lost in an unfamiliar area or getting into an unpleasant situation.

Yes, accidents do happen. However, most accidents can be avoided if you are careful and don’t hurry.


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