Driver received a truck as a gift for long service

July 10, 20210

In Tennessee, the lead driver of the Pilot Company fleet was awarded with an off standard truck in gratitude for the years of hard work.

Daniel Abshire has been working in the company since 1980. As “lead driver,” he controls trucks that are based in Staunton and Roanoke and has driven more than 2.5 million miles during his time in the fleet.

Daniel’s given truck is very similar to his father’s truck, but with updated graphics Pilot Flying J.

“I’m still in shock,” said Daniel Abshire. “I didn’t expect that they found out about me, without speaking of driving a new truck like my father’s. I remember him driving such Peterbilt and this is the truck of my dreams. We`ve always been a part of “Pilots`” family”.

“Daniel is best,” said Jim Haslam, founder and honorary chairman of the Pilot Company. – “All because he learned from the best – his father Jim. Trucker`s job requires patience, moderation and deep respect for everyone on the road. We are honored to distinguish Daniel for 40 years at Pilot with this specially designed Peterbilt truck”.


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