10 rules to save diesel for truckers in the current realities

May 15, 20220

Diesel fuel is rightly called the «leading force of the economy.» After all, millions of deliveries and transportations in the United States are carried out on this fuel.

However, with diesel prices on the rise, it’s time to think about the best way to save both fuel and money.

– Before starting the journey, build a financially profitable route. Drive outside business hours to avoid traffic jams and delays.

– Check tire pressure. Insufficient pressure reduces diesel economy. For every 10 psi a tire inflates at recommended settings, trucks lose 1% of their fuel economy.

– Idling burns ¾ gallon of diesel per hour – remember this!

– Use the highest possible gear and cruise control. Modern cruise control optimizes engine speed and travel according to load and can significantly increase efficiency.

– Perform truck maintenance on schedule. Proper maintenance – changing the oil and air filters can help improve fuel efficiency.

– Watch your speed. Starting at 55 mph, every mile you accelerate reduces fuel economy by 0.1 mpg.

– Upgrade your vehicle if possible. The new engine is always much more economical than the old one!

– Turn off gadgets if they are not needed at this moment. This will help save fuel.

– Use high quality biodiesel fuels. High quality diesel substitutes are available at most locations across the country. This low carbon biofuel helps reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions.

– Use the right size equipment for the job. Smaller underpowered tractors and equipment running at high speeds and heavy loads will be less fuel efficient than larger machines.


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