New driving safety solution now on Geotab Marketplace

March 14, 20210

OrigoSafeDriver launched an app that improves safety of drivers while driving, avoiding distractions in their cell phones.

The OrigoSafeDriver solution is an plug-in IOX hardware that integrates with Geotab telematics platform and synchronizes via the OrigoSafeDriver mobile app. The application is available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on Android and iOS mobile phones.

The solution can detect the moment when the vehicle is in motion. It automatically turns off the screen and all visual factors that may distract the driver while driving. Drivers hear real-time coaching if the phone is touched. If desired, hands-free calls via Bluetooth can be allowed by the administrator.

Image: ORIGOSafeDriver

According to OrigoSafeDriver, this app will help companies reduce the number of road accidents, but it can also identify high-risk drivers. Real-time coaching will be provided to promote safer driving behavior and enhance the company’s safety culture.

“To say we are excited to launch on Geotab’s Marketplace would be an understatement,” said Clay Skelton, President at OrigoSafeDriver, in a news release. “By seamlessly integrating with Geotab’s open platform, the OrigoSafeDriver solution will add-on to Geotab’s dynamic safety features to help customers take their road safety measures even further.”

OrigoSafeDriver is now available on the Geotab Marketplace.



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