Truckers save Jackson people by supplying them with drinking water

September 3, 20220

Over the next few days, more than 100 water trucks will arrive in Jackson to save the local population from disaster.

After heavy rains, the Mississippi state capital is struggling with numerous problems related to the lack of fresh water. The 150000 residents have been boiling the local water for a month now, as it causes digestive problems in its pure form.

Flooding exacerbated long-standing problems at one of the water treatment plants, and state governor Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency for the city’s water supply.

Jackson has two water treatment plants, one of which is adjacent to a reservoir that provides much of the city’s water supply. The reservoir also plays a role in flood control.

On Tuesday, Jackson schools were still holding online classes and some restaurants were forced to close. Jackson State University provided temporary bathrooms for students, and Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders said the water crisis left his players without air conditioning and ice at their training facilities.

Jackson’s water system is suffering from understaffing and “decades of delayed maintenance,” officials say. The state will try to help solve the problems by hiring contractors to work on the wastewater treatment plant, but everything takes time.

President Joe Biden now approved a state of emergency request for Mississippi, directing his team to increase federal aid to the region.

Authorities said last week that repairs to Jackson’s plumbing system could cost $200 million. Mississippi receives $75 million to address water issues through a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Jackson has longstanding problems with the water supply. A cold snap in 2021 left a significant number of people without running water due to pipes freezing. Similar problems recurred earlier this year, but on a smaller scale.


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