The law banning left lane truck driving came into force

July 30, 20210

A new law that introduces restrictions on using the left lane for all vehicles, including trucks came into force this week.

On Wednesday, July 28, Act 1090 went into effect on Arkansas highways.

No Left Lane for Trucks in Ohio? | Go By Truck Global News

If earlier drivers were allowed to use the left lane of a multilane highway, unless they block traffic, then according to the new law, drivers are banned from using the left lane, except for the following 4 circumstances:

  • When overtaking another vehicle moving in the same direction in accordance with the traffic regulations.

  • When all other lanes in the same direction are closed for traffic during repair work.

  • When all other lanes in the same direction are unsafe or disabled.

  • When the vehicle prepares to go on the multilane highway on the left.

Arkansas State Police remind all drivers stick to the established speed limits.


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