Pennsylvania trucker went to jail for accident on I-81

December 27, 20210

The trucker who caused the fatal accident, was sentenced to prison.

On February 7, Shannon Anthony Edwards from Pennsylvania crashed his truck into cars parked in front of him in Roanoke County.

Prosecutor Brian Holohan found out that a second before the accident, the truck driver saw that the cars in front of him stopped, but it was too late.

“Mr. Edwards is looking up and his face seems to be surprised when he’s seeing cars stop or slow down in front of him,” Holohan said.

The truck’s speed sensor showed that it only started to brake in a moment before the collision and was still going at 62 mph when it hit the rear of 2016 Subaru Outback on I-81 heading north near the 138,9 mile mark and the junction Virginia 311.

According to state police reports, the accident resulted in vehicles hitting the next car, 2013 Chevrolet Traverse, which state police said hit the back of another truck.

Candy Bryant Poarch, a mother of two who was in a Chevrolet, died at the scene. Her husband, who drove the car, is in the hospital. The man is paralysed.

Two people inside the Subaru were also seriously injured, police said.

At this moment, he didn’t exceed the speed and wasn’t intoxicated.

Tests carried out immediately after the accident didn’t reveal any substances in Edwards’ body. He told the policeman that he was blinded a few moments before the collision.

According to Anderson, this tragedy happened without malice or aggravating circumstances.

Holohan argued that as a truck driver, Edwards has a lot of responsibility towards other drivers on the road. According to him, the accident occurred during daylight hours, in clear weather and the absence of any circumstances that would prevent Edwards from remaining vigilant.

During a verdict hearing held in the Roanoke County District Court, the families of the injured spoke about the injuries and losses they had to suffere in the accident.

Edwards also spoke out and told the families that he would give his heart and soul to change that day. He said that he prays for them every day and he knows the pain they faced.

His lawyer stated that Edwards consulted about depression. “After this accident, I became a different person,” Edwards said.

District Judge James Swanson, in handing down his ruling, said he didn’t want to lose sight of the fact that the crash was an accident, but agreed that truck drivers must comply with road safety regulations.

He sentenced Edwards to seven months in prison, which began immediately, as well as a $ 1000 fine.


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