PACCAR recalls several Kenworth and Peterbilt models

August 12, 20220

PACCAR Incorporated has issued a recall of several Kenworth and Peterbilt models due to steering problems that could cause accidents.

According to NHTSA, the cars were recalled because the steering gears could be assembled incorrectly, which could lead to their failure. A broken steering gear can lead to loss of control, increasing the risk of a fatal accident.

The recalled vehicles are the following models and model years:

  • KENWORTH/C500/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T170/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T270/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T280/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T370/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T380/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T440/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T470/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T480/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T680/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T800/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/T880/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/W900/2022-2023.
  • KENWORTH/W990/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/325/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/330/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/337/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/348/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/365/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/367/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/389/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/520/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/536/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/537/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/548/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/567/2022-2023.
  • PETERBILT/579/2022-2023.

Dealers will check the steering gear serial numbers and replace the steering gear free of charge if necessary. Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed on September 26th.

Owners can contact Kenworth Customer Service at (425) 828-5888 and Peterbilt Customer Service at (940) 591-4220.

The PACCAR numbers for this review are 22PBE and 22KWE.


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