New rule regarding truck emissions control comes into effect

May 25, 20210

In early May, new regulations of truck emissions on Southern California warehouses became operative.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has approved the Warehouse Indirect Source Rule (ISR), which is focused on reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) and diesel emissions.

Bradley Whitaker, Senior Public Information Officer at SCAQMD, announced that the rule is with immediate effect and the first report should be filed on Sept. 1. But the dates of entry into force will be introduced over time.

ISR is an evaluation system that allows warehouses earn points. The number of points determines whether the warehouse meets the requirements. Whitaker stated that each warehouse will have a compliance number based on the number of truck trips to the site during a year. However, if the company fails to achieve its goals through various mitigation measures, this could lead to financial penalties.

The new rule is a divisive issue for the warehouse industry, as it could lead to increased costs in this sector.

Kim Snyder, president of the US western region of warehouse operator Prologis, sees a major problem in the fact that many warehouses don`t control types of trucks which pass through their gates. But incitement can change their behavior, said Snyder.

The Commercial Real Estate Development Association has estimated compliance costs at 90 cents per sq. ft. with a total account of $ 1 billion. Warehouses over 100 000 sq. ft. are subjected to this rule.

According to a document prepared by the SCAQMD staff, 2902 warehouses will be subjected to the new rule.


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