March results of commercial vehicles inspection are disappointing

April 18, 20220

The event was part of the Crash Awareness and Reduction Effort (CARE), there were involved 76 law enforcement agencies.

In March, law enforcement agencies conducted more than 200000 stops to ensure road safety. According to a press release, the patrol partnered with 30 other Ohio law enforcement agencies, for a total of 76 agencies across the country.

In the process of checkup were documented 83544 speeding violations, 11527 seat belt violations, 9759 commercial vehicle stops and 12867 their inspections.

During the event, 2344 people were arrested for criminal offenses and 21149 episodes of driving assistance.

In Ohio, military arrested 164 drivers with disabilities.

During that time, there were 190 fatal accidents and 4473 were injured as a result of accidents. 3299 people were prosecuted for drunk driving and 5366 people got citations for distracted driving and using mobiles.

“Safe driving is something all drivers can do to keep each other safe,” said Col. Richard S. Fambro, Chief of the Ohio State Patrol.

“Sober driving and wearing a seat belt are critical to driver safety.”


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