Kentucky authorities refuse to let trucks enter the neighborhood

May 12, 20220

A city in Kentucky is considering closing an entire road in the state area to keep trucks out.

It is about the Cherry Hill subdivision in Erlanger, Kentucky, where truck drivers have simply followed their GPS navigators in a tight area for the past year or so.

The truck drivers follow their GPS navigators to a section of Erlanger Road without leaving and are forced to turn off-road, knocking down power lines in the process.

Since then, city officials have installed “No truck signs” at the entrance to the area. Moreover, they also put up big boulders to block turns, stationed cops at the bottom of the hill, and even contacted Google to change their GPS directions. Unfortunately, drivers are still trying to use the neighborhood as a route for their trucks.

The city officials say it is too expensive, for about $6,000 a year to repair all the damage caused by trailers.

The closure of the Erlanger Road section is a possible solution, as negotiations with trucking companies have failed.

“They take down the telephone lines and the power lines and everything and get up to the corner and then either which way they try to turn it’s bad. It’s awful, it’s really awful,” said the locals.

“The cops are really sitting there, watching and waiting and all that, but like you said they have much more important things to do and of course as long as they keep putting it all out there it obviously doesn’t get them anywhere. “

The City Council is expected to release an updated plan this week.


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