George Washington Bridge to go cashless for trucks

June 10, 20220

Starting July 10, the George Washington Bridge, that connects New Jersey and New York, will switch to cashless payments for transport.

Drivers paying cash tolls will have their license plates scanned and will be sent on e-mail.

In connection with the transition to a new payment method, the toll collection points in front of the bridge will be removed. The bridge has a busy crossing, with about 49 million vehicles passing through it every year.

In addition to serving as a passenger entry point to New York City, over a million vehicles pass annually through it.

Cashless tolling is already in place at three Staten Island government-owned bridges and at the Holland Tunnel, with plans to introduce it at the Lincoln Tunnel later this year.

According to the Port Authority, scanners cannot reliably determine the number of passengers in a vehicle, that is why carpool discounts at the George Washington Bridge will be discontinued.


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