96% of truckers experience the value of their work, and you? – Research

September 17, 20210

A leading trucking site published the trucker results of a recent National Truck Driver Appreciation Week survey.

Truckstop.com interviewed 500 truck drivers and demonstrated the conclusions: the survey showed that working as a professional driver in 2021 doesn`t pass without incidents.

According to Truckstop.com:

• 96% believe their work is valued most during the tough times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

• 56% are proud of delivering essential goods and services to Americans.

• 51% of drivers are concerned that they might bring the virus and infect their families.

• 44% faced uncertainty about how changing constraints could interfere with their work.

• 25% stated that the greatest difficulties for a truck driver are long hours and / or days on the road.

• 22% stated that finding parking / housing is the most difficult.

Despite some challenges, truckers believe that their profession allows them to lead their desired lifestyle on the road:

• 57% of truck drivers take advantage of being able to spend a long time at home with their loved ones.

• 63% said flexible hours are the main advantage of the profession.

• 54% said that they are attracted by salaries in cargo transportation.

• 53% consider the work of a truck driver as a reliable part-time job to increase their income.

• 45% said they always wanted to pursue a career in trucking.

• 37% said they were continuing the family business.

The survey also revealed several changes in the profession over the past five years:

• 62% said there is more ethnic diversity among truck drivers.

• 60% claim that gender diversity has increased.

• 59% believe that the age range of drivers has widened.


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