210 gallons of diesel fuel stolen in Pennsylvania

May 23, 20220

The Pennsylvania State Police is looking for dishonest citizens who stole diesel fuel from a gas station.

The alleged diesel theft occurred last week May 18 at Krevetski’s Convenience Store located in East Whitfield Township, Pennsylvania.

The police noticed two trucks that at that time entered the gas station, and a few minutes later headed towards SR 22. The PSP assumes that the suspects tapped into the fuel pumps. And so the fuel was stolen.

The gas station reported a loss of 210 gallons of diesel, worth about $1,279.

The PSP is looking for information about trucks. According to the description, it is “a red sleeper cab tractor and a blue sleeper cab tractor. Both trucks were carrying a white box trailer. “

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Pennsylvania, Indiana State Police Department at 724-357-1960.


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