How not to get distracted while driving once and for all

September 15, 20210

Today, there are many things invented for truckers to help wean off distractions on the road. But which one really helps and which doesn`t – let’s figure it out.

Everyone understands that driving a truck is a serious business and requires complete concentration. However, for some truck drivers, the desire to check their phone turns out to be stronger than the responsibility.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said that if you drive in a truck at 55 miles per hour and are distracted on your phone for five seconds, you will travel in that time an area that equals a football field. Just imagine how many accidents can happen during this time!

Every year 1,6 million accidents are related to distracted driving, it brings to death of nine people every day. Over the past decade, the number of these accidents sharply increased, as insurance fines rose by 10 000% between 2011 and 2018 – coinciding with the prime of the smartphone era, by the way.

The Colorado company developed a solution that keeps things safe and prevents distractions before they happen. Motion Intelligence reduces mobile device distractions, reports non-compliance.

The desire to take your mind off the road declines as Motion Intelligence restricts phone functions while driving. It also reduces the chances of phone-related failures.

CJ Meurell, Motion Intelligence co-founder and director of revenue, doesn’t like to be distracted by driving. He blames society for this technological dependence that became a norm. As he says, we tend to forget how much of our life centers around screens.

The best way to break the addiction in this case is to give up the behavior entirely.

Motion Intelligence achieves this with a smartphone app called Evvy and a credit card-sized alarm device installed in vehicles.

“Distraction while driving is caused by an addiction to our mobile devices, especially while driving,” Merell said. “The Evvy app removes dependence on mobile devices by limiting hands-free calls to drivers and access to navigation and music apps. The recent addition of the Evvy Scoring and Rewards program gives drivers a rating based on their safe driving, a platform on which managers can reward their drivers for improving their driving skills.”

As manufacturers say, truck drivers are still able to listen to their podcasts and playlists, but they must turn them on before start moving.

Evvy also informs fleet managers about cab problems. Every vehicle is equipped with an Evvy alarm device that monitors drivers in real time.

However, Motion Intelligence never solicits or collects personally ID from any of user`s device.


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