TOP 8 busiest US highways for truck drivers

October 4, 20220

Avoid these routes during rush hour if you don’t want to get into heavy traffic.

I-90 is the busiest highway in USA for truck drivers. This road stretches from Seattle, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts for 3,000 miles, so I-90 is also the longest highway that passes through several states.

I-80 – this highway stretches across 11 states – making it the second longest highway in the country.

I-95 in Fort Lee, New Jersey – the average speed on the highway is about 29 MPH

I-285 in Atlanta, Georgia – you will be driving 22 MPH at the peak of rush hour

I-45 in Houston, Texas – Houston has flooded social media as one of the busiest and hardest places to drive. It can take you an extra 8% of your time to get through one of the busiest highways in America.

SR 60 in Los Angeles, CA – California has also been named as the state with some of the most congested highways in the country next to Texas. At its peak, it will have over 380,000 cars traveling on a given day.

I-290 and I-90/I-94 are America’s slowest highways by average speed. It is not the busiest, but you can definitely get stuck here for several hours in a long traffic jam.

 • I-71 and I-75 in Cincinnati, Ohio – avoid this section at all costs. I-71 is always congested, especially during rush hour. This is another slow highway that is actually getting worse, and is 5% busier than a year ago.

We hope you will not get stuck on any of these highways, because forewarned is forearmed!


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