Will Tesla Semi Truck put truckers out of work?

February 18, 20210

The sales launch of Tesla Semi Truck was supposed to start last year. And while Tesla postponed the production for an indefinite term, there are more and more rumors in the society that Elon Musk’s electric truck will outdo all competitors and may even put truck drivers out of work.

Tesla officially announced that the start of Tesla Semi Truck production will be in 2021, and promised that all buyers will finally get their electric trucks.

Meantime, technology is advancing every month and can’t pass by Tesla batteries. During the recent speech at the Joe Rogan Experience, Elon Musk announced that the electric truck would be fitted with a 500 kWh battery.

What we have in the Model S and X is a 100 kWh pack and probably something like a 500 kWh pack in the Tesla Semi,” Musk said. It is expected that modernized Tesla batteries will be several times smaller and more economical than those that were presented in 2017.

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Elon Musk also said that Tesla Semi Truck electric truck could become the first fully autonomous vehicle in the company’s line-up.

Four engines can keep the truck from folding in half, and thanks to the beta version of Self-Driving, the electric truck is very likely to become one of the safest vehicle for cargo transportation.

However, at current evolution stage of trucks, Tesla Semi Truck is unlikely completely replace a person behind the wheel.


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