Whiting Systems presented a new wash system

February 7, 20210

The Automatic truck wash system manufacturer Whiting Systems created a new SmartWashout truck wash system with an ultra-modern design.

The equipment was designed according to the characteristics of modern refrigerators and trucks.

Manufacturers consulted with food distribution companies, while developing the wash system. Their stuff is already using SmartWashout.

The new SmartWashout is made of stainless steel. The device has up to 4 handheld pressure wash guns, which can be connected at any convenient place.

Whiting Systems Inc. YouTube Channel

Like all Whiting equipment, a new wash system can be controlled directly from Whiting Systems Inc. headquarters. A cell modem or local IT connection is required.

In addition, the device can keep a real-time data log and the information is sent by an email. The Network Pneumatic valve system allows to control the direction and pressure of  water or chemical solution without passing it through the pump. Safe Pure Hard Surface is used during washing.

Whiting Systems

The company claimes that due to the controlled automation and documentation, SmartWashout provides an excellent disinfection of the trailers and the highest level of food safety.


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