“We are on the eve of Revolution”: Tesla Semi truck is finally put into production

July 27, 20210

For several years the entire automobile industry has been following the production of the Tesla Semi. And it seems that Musk is finally ready to please us with good news.

After several years of delays Tesla is getting into production the Tesla Semi electric truck.

This truck will have the lowest operating cost among other trucks, that’s gonna be a big break in industry where every cent count.

Looking back when the Tesla Semi was launched in 2017 the manufacturer claimed that the production version of the electric truck, Class 8 Truck with an 80000 pounds payload capacity, will have a range of 300 and 500 miles for 150000 and 180000 dollars respectively.

Tesla announced in 2017 that the car would only enter the market in 2019 and began accepting pre-sales orders from many companies. But the company was unable to start truck’s production in 2019. It was postponed to 2020 and later to 2021.

Finally, this year the situation really got off the dime. If Tesla keeps to its specs and stated value for the Tesla Semi, the impact it could have on the trucking industry will be enormous.

The electrification of the freight industry will have a huge impact on reducing emissions. The Tesla Semi will be able to cover the majority of truck routes in the United States, providing lower operating costs by means of fuel and maintenance saving.

If the company can deliver electric trucks with the promised capabilities to customers, it will likely trigger to the revolution in trucking industry.


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