Volvo offers a new solution for autonomous trucks

May 7, 20220

Volvo partnered with Aurora to announce a new autonomous transport solution to serve key segments of the trucking industry.

The companies plan to find a technical solution to popularize autonomous trucks in the US among four customer segments: carriers, logistics service providers, shippers and brokers.

“Together we want to lead the ongoing transformation that is taking place within the industry,” said Sasko Cuklev, Head of Road Solutions for Volvo Autonomous Solutions.

In addition, the companies are developing an end-to-end TaaS “Transport-as-a-Service” solution for operating autonomous trucking on the roads.

VAS studies the needs of each specific segment in real applications, and also develops new proposals based on the received data.

DHL Supply Chain will be the first customer to test the TaaS solution on its autonomous trucks.

“We see huge potential in advanced technology solutions like autonomous trucks to address the needs of our customers around efficiency, reliability and increased capacity, which only hastened during the pandemic,” said Jim Monkmeyer, president of transportation for DHL Supply Chain North America. “But our collaboration aims higher than an autonomous truck – we hope our partnership with Volvo will help shape a safer and more sustainable future for all.”

The company says it will continue to develop a solution that will create a path for market acceptance.


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