“Two-in-one” truck dashcam launched by Sensata

May 4, 20220

Sensata announced the launch of its new SmartWitness KP2 truck DVR, featuring flexible, state-of-the-art technology.

The KP2 is a compact road-facing camera with an optional driver-facing camera that allows commercial fleets to switch to indoor camera without additional installation costs.

The device includes real-time automatic driver assistance system selection and driver condition monitoring functions to prevent accidents.

KP2 is a 4G/LTE camera that records HD video at up to 30 FPS per channel with a 140-degree forward-facing and 130-degree driver-facing field of vision, and it contains a 64GB SD card upgradable to 128 GB storage.

“Until now, fleets deploying video telematics have had to choose between road-facing and road-and-driver-facing cameras. There was no way to add driver-facing functionality to a road-facing unit,” said Michael Bloom, VP of product and marketing at Sensata Technologies. “Our KP2 is the first camera that gives fleets the flexibility to implement the technology in stages, ensuring they will not lose their initial investment if they decide to add the extra protection of driver-facing video at a later date.” 


The dashcam offers a choice of ADAS real-time collision avoidance and DSM cab behavior detection features to help prevent accidents.

ADAS options include Rear Traffic, Front Collision, Lane Departure and Pedestrian Alerts, while DSM capabilities, available with a driver-facing camera, capture fatigue, distraction and phone usage. Real-time alerts are delivered by natural voice, audio alerts, or beeps.

The camera can be purchased without the facing driver module. You can buy the necessary part later.


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