SCRA Names Four Most Unusual Cargo of 2021

December 14, 20210

Each year, the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association selects the most impressive cargo transportation in four nominations.

 The categories are less than 160,000 pounds, 160,000-500,000 pounds, over 500,000 pounds and “Moving” – the transport of goods using specialized equipment.

Under 160,000 pounds: Precision Specialized, Inc.
Freight: Power generation modules from Oakville, Ontario, Canada, to the port of Hamilton, Ontario

Precision Specialized used a four-axle Western Star and a 13-axle Trail King Perimeter low-bed for the transport of goods. Routing was key to transportation – the normal route from origin to destination was only 15 miles, but the final approved and cleared route was 70 miles.

Another challenge faced by the mobile teams traveling with the convoy was the provision of food and toilets. On the last night, 230 people took part in the cargo transportation. Precision used information from another company that carried out a similar shipment through southern Ontario ten years ago.

Thus, Precision Specialized moved eight power generation modules measuring 36 feet x 21 feet x 21 inches and weighing 110,000 pounds net each.

160,000-500,000 pounds: Omega Morgan
Freight: Two Cold Box Modules from the Port of Longview, Washington, to a large semiconductor factory in Hillsboro, Oregon

Omega Morgan crews utilized hydraulic dollies for the first half of the 45-mile journey. For the second half of the journey the units were transloaded onto six lines of four-file K25 trailers and eight lines of two-file Goldhofer trailers with custom bunks and turn tables on both. It took three nights to cover approximately 45 miles.

Finding equipment configurations that could accommodate the only available route for the move proved to be a challenge, the company said. One of the biggest safety considerations during the haul was utility work.

Another safety challenge was congestion at night. There were more than 15 vehicles in the convoy, and “finding safe locations along the route to clear traffic as well as move our support vehicles around was a concern.” 

Greater than 500,000 pounds: Emmert International
Freight: Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Cask from North Las Vegas, Nevada, to Clive, Utah

Emmert International utilized a combination of Goldhofer platform THP/SL trailers, Goldhofer ADD Drives, and 7 prime movers to transport the load. The 400-mile journey required a detailed route survey that was presented to the Nevada Department of Transportation for analysis. 

Over the course of 12 months, NDOT and Emmert identified a suitable route that entailed 7% grades, culverts that needed to be shored and civil improvements along the roadway and at railroad crossings. 

Given the 1,470,000-pound weight, long span bridges were not possible to cross. For many portions of the route, the roadway was only two lanes wide.  Civil improvements were required to provide pull out areas, overnight parking, and emergency vehicle relief.

Moving: Emmert International
Freight: Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel from San Onofre, California, to North Las Vegas, Nevada

Emmert International used a 36-axle Schnabel freight car to transport the pressure vessel from the San Onofre, California nuclear power plant to North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Due to low radiation levels, an emergency response plan was developed and authorities notified.

 In addition, there were difficulties in determining the route, for this it was necessary to strengthen the San Juan railway bridge, modernize the railway sidings at the starting point and build new railway sidings at the delivery point.


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