Renault expands its electric truck ranks with a brand new 18-ton model

September 27, 20210

Renault Trucks introduced the D Wide ZE truck in its range of electric trucks.

The novelty expanded the range of Renault Trucks D ZE and D Wide ZE models with a carrying capacity of 16 and 26 tons, respectively.

Renault Trucks informed that the 18-ton D Wide ZE is equipped with a two-axle chassis for improved maneuverability and is well suited for transporting cargo in a temperature controlled and load-optimized manner.

In addition, the developer created a new energy efficiency system for all-electric refrigerated trucks.

All Renault Trucks ZE models now have the ability to adjust refrigerator, that supplies the energy needed for the cooling system directly from the vehicle’s battery.

To improve agility, Renault Trucks also expanded the wheelbase range available for the D and D Wide ZE models from 3900 mm to 6800 mm to cover more applications.

Renault Trucks also expects significant interest from container ships and building materials operators which want to offer their customers the best possible service.

The 18 tonne D Wide ZE has a range of up to 112 miles and is already available for orders.


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