Rand Mcnally Released Modernized Navigation System For Truckers

November 3, 20210

Rand McNally Company updates its Rand Navigation software.

It`s planned to update maps completely and improve interface.

The update came after a year and a half as the company launched its own platform called Rand Navigation. Unlike the previous one, this update includes upgrades that fall outside the scope of optimizing maps and guides.

The update will be installed on devices during November. We expect to see upgrades of the devices’ operating system (OS), a complete map update, as well as interface and functional updates.

The OS update increases the number of satellites used to improve GPS navigation based on the Rand Navigation map. As a result, the location and routes are more accurate.

The full map update has more accurate identification of roads, tourist centers and trucks’ repair shops, as well as recreation areas, scales and weighing stations.

After collecting additional feedback from truck drivers, the Rand McNally team also improved the user interface with larger, brighter text, more prominent guidance, and double back arrows.

The updated software includes more options for “estimated time of arrival” as well as local time and county name for real-time display of weather notice. Among other things, the tech team has streamlined connected services such as live weather and fuel prices, reducing data usage.


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