No more drivers will be injured by trucks

April 5, 20210

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, workplace injuries account for quarter of all accidents. They are also the main cause for worker compensation claims.

A few years ago, an Adica driver lost his balance and fell off the flatbed onto his head. Adica had to pay the employee huge compensation. “That hit us in the face like a 2×4,” said Jeff Bronson, Adica Trucking Company director of transportation.

Bronson and his colleagues began looking for ways to prevent driver falls from the working surface, but found nothing appropriate.

That is how NoFalls was invented.

NoFalls is a network of belts that makes a barrier along the edge of the trailer. It also acts as a handrail on a staircase. Weighing only 85 pounds on each side, NoFalls is portable and lightweight.

The system consists of five aluminum struts and four horizontal safety straps. They have a working load limit of over 1400 pounds. Bronson says the device is assembled and disassembled in 10 minutes.

The company has already equipped about 30% of its trucks.

As Bronson and Adica Fleet Services & Trucking Company Director of Safety Marc Skibilia say, what started out as a project “just to protect our drivers” has become a real defense for the entire trucking industry.


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