Nikola and Tesla shared design of electric truck and abandoned mutual claims

January 7, 20220

Nikola formally dropped its $ 2 billion damage claim filed against Tesla Semi.

Nikola’s company before claimed that Tesla’s electric truck design violated their design patents for a prototype truck displayed in 2016. For example, a series of three patents that Nikola received for the design of his Nikola One truck.

The patents cover simple aspects like the middle door, windshield, and the front of the cab.

Nikola demanded $ 2 billion restitution from Tesla.

However, over the past year, Nikola faced many other problems unrelated to Tesla. Nikola was in trouble last year after several allegations that were made in a Hindenburg Research report exposing the fraud of company founder Trevor Milton.

Nikola corresponded to these claims, but the response didn’t have a contradiction to the main claims of fraud on the part of the company.

It was claimed that the company  created a fake first video of a hydrogen-powered truck driving. The producers admitted this without making an apology. Moreover, they stated that the deception was forced for technical reasons. Milton left the company due to psychological pressure on him.

In July, Milton was formally indicted on three counts for false statements he made about the company.

All of these issues distracted Nikola’s attention from the $ 2 billion lawsuit against Tesla.

The judge said that Nikola began to pay attention to this again only in October, and before that there was no reaction.

After few months, Nikola finally decided to drop the claim.

Nikola’s company this week confirmed dropping its $ 2 billion claim, while Tesla dismissed the counterclaims it filed against Nikola. They claimed that Nikola stole the truck design from designer Rimac.


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