Hirschbach launches flexible fleet service for truckers

February 1, 20220

Hirschbach Motor Lines recently announced the launch of a new flexible fleet option for drivers with flextime.

Freight carrier Hirschbach from Dubuque, Iowa, offered Flex Fleet service. It allows truckers to reserve trucks for a selected period of time. There is no charge for using the truck. The driver is responsible for picking up the truck and then returning it to the same location in perfect condition.

“We noticed that there are a lot of drivers who are looking for more flexibility and less commitment,” said Jessie Burnett, Hirschbach’s human resources director. “Flex Fleet is designed to give them that opportunity.”

“Driver can reserve a truck, transport goods during that time, return the truck, and then go to the next job or spend time with his family,” Burnett added.

“This is a new offering for us, but we are excited to diversify our fleet and hopefully meet the needs of the drivers` market,” said Dan Wallace, president of Hirschbach.

The fleets will be based at the terminal in Dover, Florida and Monmouth, Illinois. Both fleets offer pay per mileage with a minimum daily charge.

The OTR is 50 cents per mile (with or without cargo) with a minimum daily charge of $200. As part-time employees, truck drivers will receive payment for direction but won`t be eligible for other employee`s benefits.

Drivers will need to complete a test transition period to become free users of the Flex Fleet system.

“We believe this will be an ideal way for drivers who want to retire or are retired. Or they work in a seasonal industry but want to keep driving trucks without being hired,” Burnett concluded.


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