Digital license plates become a reality for US heavy trucks

July 6, 20220

Texas became the latest to adopt a new innovation for some commercial vehicle fleets. An electronic version of the traditional digital license plate began to be used in California and Arizona.

It is able to track vehicle real-time location, trips and mileage, and send maintenance alerts. It can also put vehicles in theft mode and turn on GPS tracking.

Digital plates can also display notifications, such as alerts that the vehicle is not operating, as well as car theft indicators.

“Heavy-duty trucks or truck fleets can have digital license plates in California. The DMV is exploring vehicle registration alternatives via a pilot program, which includes a digital license plate to replace a vehicle’s traditional rear metal plate with an electronic screen. For tractor trucks, the digital plate is attached to the front of the vehicle,” said Ronald Ongtoaboc, public information officer at the California DMV.

The technology is available in California as part of an ongoing pilot project that began in 2019 for community volunteers.

Currently, digital license plates are only permitted by TxDMV for vehicles requiring two numbers – digital plate and standard metal one.

CJ Meurell, executive vice president of sales at Reviver, said that Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and New York are participating in various legislative processes to offer digital license plates for commercial vehicles.

As of June 21, 12,500 digital license plates have already been registered in the state. Experts believe that the innovation will benefit the trucking industry.


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