Did you insure your truck? HDVI Group presented innovative product

August 23, 20210

The Vehicle Insurance Group  created a new truck insurance product – HDVI Shift, it allows fleets  save up to 12% in monthly insurance fee.

HDVI Shift can be combined with many devices and provided to fleets along with their own HDVI data, software tools and applications.

Fleet managers receive real-time information about safety through the fleet portal. At the same time, drivers receive safety information via the HDVI Driver + mobile app.

Thanks to insurance backed by Munich Re Specialty Insurance carriers, HDVI is providing fleets with the data and tools they need to lower insurance costs, reduce risks, and improve efficiency and safety – according to a press release of HDVI.

«Increasing of the insurance cost is a major concern for our fleet clients and providing better insurance solutions that truly integrate with the vehicle ownership and use lifecycle is an important challenge for Daimler Trucks North America and Daimler Truck Financial Services,” said Richard Howard,president and CEO of Daimler Truck Financial Services for North America and Asia. «The unique approach of the HDVI to insurance demonstrates their commitment for providing fleets with the technology, data and services that they need to improve their business operations and increase of profit.»

These innovative products will be used to continue developing new tools to support the company’s growth.

Today HDVI is available in several states: Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas.


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