Trucker restrooms bill passed in Washington

March 23, 20220

Washington approved a bill requiring state seaports to allow drivers to use restrooms. The state Department of Transportation is also required by law to keep all 47 truck driver rest areas open.

However, the requirement for drivers to have access to toilets located in retail outlets (HB 1706) was not met due to a large number of disputes that have arisen among shippers and recipients.

The Rest Area Act was registered as HB 1655.

Both bills await the signature of Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee. It has 20 working days to sign bills; otherwise, it is automatically accepted. The bills passed by both houses of states almost two weeks ago.

The Washington Trucking Association, the Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), and the American Trucking Associations (ATA) lobbied for toilet access provisions, as well as a requirement that the state’s rest areas remain open. By law, recreational areas may be seasonally closed and closed for cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

HB 1706 requires a “necessary number of sanitary facilities” for use by commercial vehicle drivers in areas of the terminal to which operators would normally have access.


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