Toll on Maine Turnpike increase in November

October 31, 20210

Maine Turnpike Authority (MTA) is raising tolls on Maine Turnpike for passenger cars and commercial vehicles from next month.

Starting in November, the MTA will increase tolls to offset the loss in income caused by the pandemic. It’s reported that about $ 60 million was lost over the past year due to trips’ fall-off. 

MTA says that it hopes to generate an additional $ 18 million in annual revenue from increased tolls.

After November 1, the toll rate for a five-axle truck traveling the entire highway will be $ 32, higher than the current rate of $ 28.

Cash tolls for a six-axle truck traveling the entire Turnpike will increase from $ 32,05 to $ 36,05.

For EZ-Pass users the rate will be slightly lower.

This is the first increase in Maine freeway tolls since November 1, 2012.

The MTA Toll Calculator is available here.


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