Some vehicles banned in Indiana and Ohio due to weather

February 2, 20220

In two more states officials decided to restrict vehicles that can travel on toll highways. It`s a temporary ban due to bad weather.

From Wednesday, February 2 to Thursday, February 3, passage on Indiana toll road is not allowed for the following vehicles:

– All three-seat tractors with a trailer;

– Bulky / medium-sized cargo;

– High profile steel tip-trucks.

From Wednesday, February 2 until noon, February 4, some vehicles are prohibited from passing on the Ohio Turnpike. The ban may be extended if the weather worsens. The driving ban applies to the following vehicles:

– Trucks with triple trailers;

– Mobile home/office trailers;

– Combined van trucks with double trailer over 90 feet long;

– Boat and horse trailers towed by cars and pickups.

This travel ban will remain in effect until it is officially canceled.

The travel ban doesn`t apply to commercial trucks, double trailer combinations over 90 feet, towing single flatbeds or vans, any twin trailer trucks under ninety feet in length.


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