Old semitrailers could be banned due to toxic emissions

February 15, 20220

Some states are actively discussing the refusal to register semitrailers 2009 YOM and older.

California`s officials say the new law could ban semitrailers made before 2010.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) requires all semitrailers and other diesel commercial vehicles to be equipped with engines 2010 year or newer models through 2023. This will comply with the new environmental emission standards.

Due to events related to problems in the supply chain and production, small trucking companies aren`t happy with this law. They believe that such restriction could harm their fleets.

 “This is a disaster waiting to happen,” said Bill Abudi, president of AB Trucking in Oakland.

“We are a local company and we mainly use used trucks,” Abudi said. “A $30000 truck is now worth over $100000. Only two of my 13 trucks will qualify next year.”

Due to a shortage of semiconductors and chips for new semitrucks, used trucks are being sold for more than their actual value.

The Western States Trucking Association (WSTA), which stands up for small trucking companies, says about 40000 commercial vehicles in the state are older than 2010 models. If companies don’t find a way to replace those vehicles next year, current supply chain problems could get worse if those 40000 trucks suddenly break down.

“Here we are talking about people’s livelihood,” Abudi continued. “I support new trucks, but now it`s simply impossible to replace all of them completely. Wait and see what the warehouses will look like, it won’t end well.”

The WSTA and Abudi plan to send a letter to CARB asking for a delay in the law until the pandemic and supply chain problems are over.


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