Ohio loosens weight restrictions for trucks

November 27, 20210

The decree that was originally introduced during the pandemic, was reintroduced on Tuesday, November 23rd.

According to the decree trucks can carry an additional 10000 pounds of cargo above the normal 80000 pounds limit without special permission.

Truckers can now trasport to 90000 pounds of cargo without consulting the Ohio Department of Transportation, providing they inform state officials their route within 24 hours of travel.

The decree is an attempt to reduce waiting time and increase travel time for truckers. Thus, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine wants to help solve supply chain problems.

“Of course, this decree is a small contribution and can’t guarantee that the cargo will be delivered to Ohio a.s.a.p. or sent through the state,” said ODOT spokesman Matt Bruning.

As you know, the order will be valid “termless”.

“None of this can solve all of the problems,” said Thomas Balzer, president and CEO of the Ohio Freight Forwarders Association. “It’s a whole bunch of small steps to help speed things up.”


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