Ohio funds $25000 on truck driver training

February 14, 20220

Ohio legislators supported a project that provides a $25000 tax credit for training new truck drivers.

The US House 197 bill was passed by the House 97-0 and supported by both motor vehicle and commercial organizations.

It`s known that tax breaks are temporary and won`t exceed $1.5 million per year.

“I’m a small business owner and the biggest challenge at my company has always been finding CDL truck drivers because they’re in such high demand,” said Rep. Reggie Stoltzfuss, R-Paris Township. “After the problem with finding truck drivers, I began to train current employees to work as drivers at my own expense. Now I know what a huge expense this can be for the company.”

“The shortage of truck drivers is a nationwide problem, but unfortunately many states, including Ohio, don’t have adequate support set in place for people breaking financial barriers to becoming a commercial vehicle driver,” said Edwin Nagle, chairman of the Trucking Association, Ohio.

Now the bill is sent to the Senate for consideration.


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