$ 1,2 trillion infrastructure bill was approved and gonna be signed

November 7, 20210

On 5 November by night, a $ 1,2 trillion infrastructure bill was passed, it calls for funding the repair of bridges and highways.

215 Democrats and 13 Republicans gave their vote for this law. Commercials related to trucking rated highly the passage of the bill, which President Joe Biden called “a colossal step forward.” It’s expected that the president will sign the law soon.

The American Trucking Association (ATA) announced that “welcomes the adoption of the Infrastructure and Jobs Investment Act,” which according to the association “strengthens road safety, creates new career opportunities in the trucking industry, strengthens the supply chain and provides the foundation for long-term economic growth.”

ATA President and CEO Chris Speer claims in a statement:

“Roads and bridges are not for politicians – we all use them. Most of the people in the House of Representatives realize this today and did what is right for the country, not for themselves. Today millions of hardworking people, who make this country great, won, from farmers to truck drivers.

Those lawmakers who put their constituents before themselves to help seal this achievement have cemented a lasting legacy that the American people will now see, feel, and use for many decades to come. After countless hearings and meetings on Capitol Hill, ATA members will finally see the fruits of their labor—a 38% increase in road and bridge funding, and an infusion of highly-trained, younger talent into our workforce.” 

TCA’s statement added:

“This bill represents a significant investment in our nation’s roads and bridges and delivers a desperately needed injection into the Highway Trust Fund to keep it solvent.

We are excited that this language provides an opportunity to expose a younger demographic to an industry that welcomes them and are pleased with the commitments the bill makes to establishing long-term improvements for infrastructure. Even more importantly, Congress has heard our message concerning threats to the independent contractor business model and opted not to include any language regarding the PRO Act that would have jeopardized a business practice that has a long history of success in our industry.” 

The trading association also said it appreciates the fact that the law doesn’t include provisions that could allow states to unfairly compete with the private sector by installing electric vehicle charging stations in rest areas, and that alternative fueling stations should consider such facilities as food and toilets.


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