Women created fascinating book for kids about cargo transportation

June 19, 20210

Big cars always fascinate small children. Therefore, two women, a writer and an illustrator, decided to create a children’s book about trucks.

Sophia Sniegowski Begidzhanov and her close friend Alana de Haan created a unique book Just In Time! Trucks for Kids, that you can download and print at home.


Sophia works as a corporate communications specialist for Musket Transport. She conceived the book as a great way to tell her little daughter what her mother is up to.

“I thought it would be nice to write a children’s book and also convince parents that a career can be built in the field of trucking.”

Alana de Haan, a project manager at a construction company, said drawing is her hobby. “I thought it was an interesting opportunity, and I also had some free time because of the pandemic,” she says.

Begidzhanov created the book primarily for Musket Transportation employees. “There are many parents working in our company. I wanted to do something that could be easily printed. We now have a coloring book in English and French to help children learn about what their parents do every day at work. ”

The women completed the project in a month. “I worked in my own style, more understandable for children, and simplified the drawings for them. It’s great that you can tell the kids about how the trucking industry works and how the goods get to their homes, ”said de Haan.


“Our quality of life depends on trucks, how they deliver goods. Even though you buy everything online, people may not think about how it relates to the trucking industry and how important we are to the supply chain. “

The women created a version of the coloring book, since not everyone may have a color printer at home. “The parents will print the book and kids will color it. A child will like it even more, ”says Sofia.

Begidzhanov believes that the concept of free delivery casts doubt on the importance of the transport industry. After all, children think that delivery costs nothing, but in fact it isn`t.

“There are a lot of stereotypes that we have to fight and I thought it was a fun way to talk about our industry and show that we are important in maintaining the quality of life and we can also get children`s interest.”

The book can be downloaded absolutely free from the link.


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