Woman injured in 55 truck crash in Pennsylvania filed a suit against truckers

December 11, 20210

A woman, seriously injured in a collision in December 2020, filed a lawsuit against several trucking companies and drivers.

On Thursday, December 9, Nebraska resident Bianca J. Armbruster filed a suit against trucking companies, truck drivers and an SUV driver demanding restitution over $ 75000.

The lawsuit includes truck drivers Anvarhon Akbarov, Karl Innocent and Henrik V. Biront, as well as SUV driver Bradley A. Connor. The lawsuit also names JX Enterprises Inc., JX Leasing, Eco Trucking, Viva Express Inc. and BTE Trucking. So the argument goes truckers were driving very fast for snowy conditions.

The accident happened at 15:00 on December 16, 2020 on the western lanes of I-80 in the cities of Green and Lamar.

There was a winter storm going through the state at the time of the accident and travel restrictions were in effect on many of the state’s roads.

In total, 66 cars were involved in road accidents – 11 cars were passenger cars, the other 55 were commercial ones.

One person was killed in the collision and another died of a heart attack, trapped in a pileup of traffic. Twenty-two more people, including Armbruster, were injured.

According to the lawsuit, Armbruster was driving a Jeep Cherokee that was hit by several trucks. Armbruster barely freed herself from the cabin of the truck, in which she was pushed by the door. As a result of the accident, she received serious injures.


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