Woman demands financial compensation from carrier for her home damage

May 3, 20220

A woman named Mary Riley has been waiting for 2 years for reparation from the carrier whose trucker dealt damage to her home.

The woman stated that her appliances burned out after truck driver backed up into a power pole near her house in November 2021.

“We look outside and there’s no storm or anything, but we notice these lines have been ripped down,” she said.

The woman then realized that a truck driver heading to a nearby gas station had crashed into a power pole. As a result, her microwave oven, washing machine, coffee pot, computer and power cord were broken down.

“With no other way to solve this problem, I hired a lawyer here in the city to help me,” she explained.

Mary says her lawyer discovered that the truck driver was a Circle K employee, and that’s when she decided to seek financial compensation from the company.

Even though power was restored to her house the next day, Riley says her washing machine, computer and other appliances are still damaged and need to be replaced by the company she believes should be held responsible.

Circle K has already offered Riley $1,088 after a damage assessment, but she says it’s not enough.

“I told my lawyer that this is unacceptable,” Riley said, “I think they are completely ignoring the situation. This wouldn’t have happened if a careless driver hadn’t taken out a whole lamppost,” said Riley.

The woman say that she will not give up until she has received all the compensation.


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