What risk causes opening of the Canadian border for freight traffic?

August 4, 20210

Canada opens borders again after 16 months of pandemic-related restrictions. What could expect representatives of the trucking industry?

Starting from August 9, vaccinated Americans and foreigners with a residence permit will be able to visit the country easily.

Opening of the border is essential to freight traffic. And not only because the return of passenger traffic will, for sure, go along with an increase in workload and waiting time. The demand for freight transportation will also grow significantly.

“Opening the border will definitely have a positive impact on the transport and logistics industry generally,” said Peter Stefanovich, Executive Partner of Left Lane Associates, a transportation-consulting firm in Toronto.

According to Statistics Canada, the opening of the border will be associated with the expected influx of visitors from the USA.

According to Stefanovich, tourists will stimulate the demand for cargo transportation. Residents of other countries will be able to come to Canada in September that will also give a boost to increase in demand for cargo transportation.

The US land border is currently closed. But when it opens Canadians who love to buy things in other countries will certainly return to the US border towns.


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