US government tightens regulations of the truck emissions

August 9, 20210

Authorities ordered federal agencies develop more demanding fuel efficiency and emissions standards for medium and heavy duty trucks.

The White House issued an order dated August 5 positioning America as the leader of electromobiles. The order includes a new ambitious target to produce half of all new vehicles with zero emissions. Starting from 2027, this should also refer to models of medium and heavy-payload.

New greenhouse gas emission standards for engines and heavy vehicles are expected to come into force by 2030 model year.

In addition, the order instructs the Ministry of Transport to consider the possibility of starting work on regulation as part of the establishment of new fuel efficiency standards for engines and vehicles of medium and large power.

The order also directs the EPA to coordinate with California and other states that are leading in reducing vehicle emissions, including by adopting California standards.

The current greenhouse gas emission standards, valid until 2027 model year, are common efforts of the EPA and the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Yet today 2027 model year standards will significantly change engine technology.

ACT Research claimed that the increase in prices on trucks due to the new standards will make zero-emission trucks more competitive in terms of cost-effective investment.


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