TV Host Insulted Truckers Over 55, Calling Them “Aggressive”

November 15, 20210

One TV channel host was publicly condemned for a disrespectful comment about truckers.

On Sunday, on the MSNBC Tiffany Cross channel, as part of the Cross Connection program, the host spoke with the owner and president of the CrossCountry Truck Driving School, Pamela Day.

In a heading about supply chain constraints in the trucking industry, Cross said she worried about her brother, who is a trucker. According to Cross, he works in a “dangerous industry.”

Cross then asked Day how the truck industry could be more courteous to people and mentioned “racism on the CB.” Cross went on to say that “trucking is an industry that employs a lot of white men over the age of 55. This group of people voted overwhelmingly for Trump. Some people say aggressive truckers cut them off and don’t help. “

Day stated that she worked as a driver for eight years and pointed out the importance of bringing more women into the transport industry.

The American Trucking Association (ATA) took to Twitter to ask the host for comment.


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