Trucks without chains to be fined soon in Colorado

August 20, 20220

Truck drivers passing through Colorado need to have chains as early as September to avoid hefty fines.

The Colorado Department of Transportation Mass (CDOT) requires that vehicle drivers (Maximum Authorized Weight (GCWR/GVWR) of 16,001 pounds or more) traveling on I-70 between 133 (Dotsero) and 259 (Morrison) need chains from 1 September to 31 May.

According to Colorado law, chains must be required to tracks. When the law on the use of chains comes into force, drivers will be notified via electronic displays.

“Chains must consist of two circular metal loops, one on each side of the tire, connected by not less than 9 evenly-spaced chain loops across the tread. Commercial vehicles that have 4 or more drive wheels must chain 4 wheels. Dual tire chains are acceptable,” the Colorado Department of Transportation states. 

The fine for not having chains on board on I-70 between mile markers 133–259 from September 1 to May 31 is $50 plus a $17 surcharge.

The fine for not having chains installed is $500 plus $79. According to CDOT, the fine for blocking a highway as a result of not chaining up is $1,000 plus $157.

Where you can chain up?

• I-70 eastbound: 178, 183, 184 (shoulder), 187 (shoulder), 195, 203 (landscape), 205, 219, 228, 241, 251, 289, 343 miles;

• I-70 westbound: 358, 263, 260, 254 (Buffalo Overlook), 228, 223, 221, 219, 213, 197, 179 miles;

• I-25 northbound: mile marker 159;

• I-25 southbound: mile marker 172.

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