Trucking Companies Donate Millions For Ukrainian Children

March 27, 20220

The U.S. trucker community has stepped up to help Ukrainians suffering from the Russian invasion, as well as Ukrainian IDPs who are forced to flee war zones.

The Trucking Cares Foundation announced a $42,500 donation to organizations involved in providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

“Trucking Cares was created to help mobilize the trucking industry in response to natural and man-made disasters, so helping Ukrainians suffering because of the war is what we call everyone to do,” said the chairman of the American Trucking Association.

Pilot travel centers are also actively involved in fundraising for Save the Children US. Together, they raised about $100,000, but Pilot encourages customers to continue joining the charity, rounding the purchase amount to the nearest dollar.

Nortia Logistics set up a website to raise funds for aid to Ukraine and collected donations for the Ukrainian armed forces.

GP Transco, a trucking company based in Chicago, also launched a fundraising effort within trucking industry to help those in need in Ukraine. GP Transco team created TLPU: Trucking and Logistics Professionals for Ukraine to raise funds for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

“The people of Ukraine are currently in dire need of help, and we want to do everything in our power to deliver humanitarian aid to them,” said Dominik Zastarskis, CEO of the company.

According to the recent data, more than 3.5 million Ukrainians have left their country due to Russian aggression.

To help the rest Ukrainians, please, click the Donate button on the any site above.


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