Truckers to receive $150k for firing due to illness

April 13, 20220

Truck drivers will receive more than $145,000 as compensation for being fired. They refused to drive because of being ill.

Two Transdev Services Inc. employees received «disciplinary points» after they told about their inability to drive a truck because of feeling sick or fatigued.

«Employees who report workplace safety issues are protected by federal law from retaliation of any kind,» explained OSHA Regional Administrator James D. Wolfe in San Francisco.

«In this case, drivers notified Transdev Services of their concerns for their safety and the safety of others and were punished for this. This is illegal and employers should be aware that they will be held accountable for violating workers’ rights.»

Following an investigation, OSHA ordered Transdev Services to reinstate the fired drivers and remove disciplinary action for his refusal to drive. Transdev Services was also been ordered to «pay the fired driver $95,000 as compensation and pay $50,000 in damages to another employees.»

In addition to payments, Transdev Services also need to “train managers, post a notice informing its employees of worker protection rights under federal law, and review company policy under the Ground Transportation Assistance Act.”


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