Truckers are planning “something special” in response to mandatory vaccinations

August 27, 20210

Several truckers` groups on social media are discussing the response to the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination law.

Users assume that they are talking about protests against vaccinations. Most likely, they will be held at the end of August.

If it happens, the demonstration against the introduction of mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 will be held with the participation of not only drivers, but also medical workers, military and other citizens all over the country.

The protest participants, who believed to be led by the TikTok @thedisrespectedtrucker3 trucker, will gather across the states on August 31, the same day Australian truck drivers protest against COVID isolation and restrictions.

In addition to the nearly viral TikTok videos posted by @thedisrespectedtrucker3, Facebook group StopTheTires2020, that tried to stage a nationwide demonstration against the election results and COVID19 quarantine last year, heard about the strike and began urging all drivers to stop trucks for at least one day.

“On Tuesday, August 31st, we ask everyone not to go to work,” the trucker said. “Shut off your truck. There are guys who are planning to park their trucks in the center of the road. There are fellows who are planning to park on the side of the road, at home and at truck stops.“

“I just tell people to turn off the trucks and no one comes to work, at least on Tuesday. Maybe till the end of the week. What is happening now with the nurses and the military is not quite the same. We’re going to stand up for our freedom.”

By the way, bikers in Australia are planning to join the truckers’ protest on August 31, and several thousand medical workers in Minnesota are also planning their demonstration. Ordinary citizens, who wish to join, are encouraged not to go to work, not to buy anything and to protest in well visible public places.


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